"Shani Inbar is one of the most promising talents in the world of the classical guitar. It's not just her brilliant technique and her natural musicality which impress any listener, it's her incredible artistic will which let her present music in a seldom heart clarity"

Franz Halasz

"I have had the great pleasure of listening to Shani Inbar's playing in the autumn of 2008 at the Alessandria Guitar Festival & Competition, in Italy. Her powerful playing impressed me deeply: she displayed a dynamic range which was incredibly wide yet rich in nuances, a colorful and imaginative musical intelligence, an unusual variety of tones, and an energetic and effective approach to some of the most demanding repertoire in the guitar literature. Her performance of Malcom Arnold's "Fantasy" was by far the best one I've ever heard. Shani has got a bright future ahead - and, with players of her caliber, so has the whole guitar world." 


Lorenzo Micheli

"All things considered, this is a new star on the classical guitar horizons, and her excellence in musicianship, total technical control, sound quality and intelligent programming had obtained for her the almost unanimous approbation of the jury members. We shall hear more of Shani in years to come. Of that I am sure."

 Matanya Ophee

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Shani Inbar


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