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It all started long, long ago, like any other story. It was in Kibutz Mizra during a summer workshop. Shani was a guitar student, Michael a double bass teacher.  Shani, who was studying in a high school for arts and music was taking double bass lessons as her second instrument.


At the workshop she attended some of the double bass classes. Contrary to all reason she decided to continue her bass studies with Michael. 
After she graduated high school, they have been in touch here and there and about a year ago they met at the Tel Aviv central post office. Shani was there for customs clearance of her new CD, Guitar Poetry, just published in Germany and Michael was there for customs clearance of his new CD, Mostly Transcriptions Vol. II, just published in Japan. They decided to try and create something together.

 It took a while: Shani gave birth to her firstborn son and Michael went to The United States for a month and a half to conduct an opera.
The Duo was finally launched and hasn't stopped working since: they have performed and taught last July in a festival in Greece; in September they are going to teach and play 2 concerts in Prague; they have been invited to Spain and Latvia and invites continue to arrive. Every tour harmoniously combines playing and teaching and both are considered equally important. Four composers from different countries have already dedicated works for this special Duo. 

The duo's name BassGuitar started as a joke and had to stay as more and more people liked it so much.
Their program A Quest in Time consists of new works composed for the Duo as well as adaptations to renowned works by De Falla, Piazolla, Marcello, Faure and Schubert.

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